CAP 33 - Final Product (1.0 Release)


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Hello, everyone! For those with a particularly astute eye may have noticed a very interesting addition to the CAP teambuilder that has, surely, shifted the tides of your building and battling experience...


If you had told 10 year old me who had been fascinated with CAP and its nuanced products that imbued an authentic aura ripped straight from the games that she was going to eventually lead the direction of one of them, she would not believe you. Although I'm newer to contributing in the CAP scene compared to many of the forums' regulars, CAP holds a special place in my heart because of the Fakemon visionary I've been since my Pokemon Online days, and the raw fascination I had with the CAP process as a lurker for many years up to Sword & Shield. This process has meant a lot to me, and has taught me so many things about the ways in which communities can communicate and work together for the collective visage of an exciting end product, between the artistic direction and the nitty gritty of concept assessment. It's been truly incredible to see so many people share their ideas, no matter how silly or off the wall they were, and bathe in the raw excitement of exploring such a unique style of Pokemon that makes use of tried and true tools in new ways. I want to thank the incredible TLT who has made this process go without a hitch, utilizing perfect judgment in assessment and slating, as well as the community who came together to share their thoughts and ideas on the forum and Discord alike. And, of course, a massive shoutout goes to those involved with coding and the artistic end of things as well who bring these concepts to life in a way that truly binds together our hard work.

With all said and done, wave hello to the 1.0 launch of CAP 33: Cresceidon!


Title: Very Fast Immovable Object

Description: This is a wall that has a high speed stat

Justification: When designing a wall, we typically prioritize defensive typing, defensive stats, and ability choice the most, with offensive prowess and speed being secondary considerations at best. This concept aims to explore how the general considerations for designing a wall change when said wall actually has the speed stat to change how it interacts with the offensive threats it's expected to take on.


  • How and why does the Speed stat matter for a wall.
  • When and why does outrunning an offensive threat matter?
  • Is speed only useful for letting a wall force a KO on a threat before said threat can KO it? What formes of utility / recovery are strongly speed dependent?
  • Are there any options that are open to a wall specifically because of a high speed stat that may not be open to slower walls, even accounting for ability choice?
  • What makes fast walls decide to not just invest in their offenses?
  • Does being a "Fast Wall" imply some level of offensive presence? Is offensive presence necessary to truly reap the rewards of going very fast?
Type: Water / Fairy
Primary Ability: Multiscale
Secondary Ability: Rough Skin
Stats: 80 HP / 32 Atk / 111 Def / 88 SpA / 99 SpD / 125 Spe
1.0 Movepool:
Hydro Pump
Earth Power

Healing Wish

Thunder Wave

Helping Hand
Sleep Talk
Take Down
Tera Blast
Height: 10m
Weight: 999.9 kg (!!!)

Last but not least, what is a CAP launch without an inaugural game? Check out this replay between shnowshner and I, demonstrating an effective use of it on both sides of the field (with a lot of yellow magic):
My team:
Shnow's team:

I'll see you all soon for the PPL! <3


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As one of the newer faces on the scene (I have only been around since mid Typing Stage in Hemogoblin's process), I never thought I would make TLT but decided to sign up anyways because I thought it would be tons of fun and many encouraged me to do (DPM, SHSP, spoo, snake, etc.) When I did end up making the team, I was happily surprised and was excited to help shape the next CAP. Being Ability Leader gave me insight into how the process works from the "logistics" side of things rather than just being a "contributor" making a post. We had a super solid team in Da Pizza Man Scizivire and Zetalz and an amazing TL in ausma and I am glad to have been a part in making Cresceidon, the 33rd CAP. I can't wait to see how it fits into the metagame (so far it seems to be too good at spreading paralysis via TWave lol) and am excited to continue forging my path within the CAP community <3


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Gamers please direct your attention to this post.

Do NOT use Serious nature Cresceidon. It is NOT good. The paste has Serious nature because I had to replace the original filler slot with the actual mon on release and forgot to update nature in doing so we discovered that 0 IV neutral nature Cresceidon hits 69 Attack. Please make sure to ALWAYS use a minus Attack nature neutral nature.

i'll type out the rest of my thoufhts on cap33 when im not at work using my dumbass phone


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My biggest takeaway from this process is how smoothly it flowed in comparison to some of our past projects over the last 1.5/2 years. There were no major hiccups or community uproars over anything, and we pretty well laser-focused on what we wanted for most of the project, which was incredibly refreshing. After actively contributing to CAP for 5 years now I'm very glad I chose 33 to finally jump on to the TLT bandwagon, and I'm very grateful for the patience and understanding that my fellow TLT members and the community gave to me when a lot of sudden stresses beyond my control were suddenly dumped upon me (especially big s/os to our glorious overlord snake for helping me navigate through it all.) This process has reinvigorated my love for this project and it's community, and I look forward to remaining a part of it for years to come!
epic thanksgiving drinking game: take a shot every time one of ausma's mons gets fully paralyzed during the inaugural game (StarFalcon555 is not financially responsible for any hospital bills this may incur)

seriously, this has been one of the best experiences I've had with CAP. the process was just so chill and smooth and fun overall, and between my stat spread submission making top 3 (!!!) and my name submission making poll 2, I really feel like this CAP was a breakthrough one for me. already really looking forward to CAP 34 and the opportunities it presents! :blobnom:

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I'm honestly really glad with how this process turned out. Echoing Zetalz's sentiment, there were no major hiccups or controversies that happened this time around at all, which was very refreshing after several of the last couple processes. I think we got a really cool end result as well, as in my albeit limited testing, Cresciedon has felt like a really cool mon to pilot that for the most part feels quite balanced (I think Thunder Wave might be a bit too strong on it though, but it's possible that could change, especially with DLC2 on the horizon).

Speaking personally, this process has been fairly interesting, as it marks the first time that I've ever been on the TLT despite having been involved in CAP for (technically) almost a decade. This has given me a fairly informative perspective on how the TLT works from the inside, and has given me more appreciation for the work they put into the process. In terms of how I handled my stage, I do have a couple minor grievances looking back on things (In hindsight I think I set the PT/ST limits too low), but for the most part I think I did a fairly solid job. I would also like to thank our TL ausma and my fellow TLT members Zetalz kenn Scizivire for helping me during my stage with looking over everything that I had put together for the stage, as their insights were extremely helpful for me.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to see how Cresciedon performs in future CAP tournaments (*wink wink*). I'm also really excited for CAP34 after this process as well, since I think if the same energy from this process carries over to there, we will have another banger. That's all I have for now I guess, happy Thanksgiving.

I’d like to thank temp, Icemaster, Fluore, BOWSER, and the entire Prometeo Games Server for their invaluable contributions to this CAP. Looking forward to leading the next one !
Bro half the time you had temp locked up in the dungeon.


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now Fairy only has 4 Pokemon, but we only have 2 rock types, 1 normal type, 1 psychic type, and 1 ice type, those types need way more love, but I will admit, this design is good, the Pokemon is good, but the movepool isn't that wide. Probably get patched soon, but who knows?
Movepool 2.0 with full Movepool will come after the first playtest, which is quite close.
Sorry to bump this post, but I don’t think the inaugural battle replay link is working, might be a problem on my end, but maybe get that checked.

Also the art for this Cap is some of the best there has ever been and I’m in love with the design :)
now Fairy only has 4 Pokemon, but we only have 2 rock types, 1 normal type, 1 psychic type, and 1 ice type, those types need way more love, but I will admit, this design is good, the Pokemon is good, but the movepool isn't that wide. Probably get patched soon, but who knows?
At least we have a Normal-type now, and yeah Cresceidon's 2.0 release is a work in progress.

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